Andrea Reed, All Connected MediaAll Connected Media is an owner-operated business run by Andrea Reed since early 2010.

Originally from Vancouver Island, Canada, Andrea spent 7 years living and working in England, predominantly in various start-up businesses.

Sales, operations, and business development were her main focuses, however design was her original passion in school.

Moving to Oklahoma in 2004, Andrea continued work in the natural foods industry and most recently, as a sales manager for a natural foods distributor, calling on independently-owned, natural health food stores in five states.

During that time, she worked with store owners and managers to help build sales through various campaigns.

Andrea quickly realized that the businesses that continued to be successful during a ‘down-economy’ were the ones who were able to respond quickly to changes in the market ..and.. communicate these changes quickly with their customer base.

One of the best ways to do this was through the use of custom websites, sending email newsletters and updates, and having a strong online presence. This led to her work designing websites in her spare time. Eventually, she decided to get ‘off the road’ and design on a full-time basis.

All Connected, LLC was born out of a love of creating beautiful websites for individuals as well as stunning, functional sites for businesses to launch campaigns, communicate with their customers, and increase their sales.

734059_327662804009168_1693672640_nOur world is changing daily and for many of us, our primary source of communication and information comes from the internet. Common interests connect people that may never meet. We communicate with people in countries and cities that we may never visit. The internet is common thread that connects us all, much like our humanity.

Andrea continues to live just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband, son and dog.

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